Protein Skimmer Galaxy Series

First GALAXY in Korea, the model 1400 set into operation

Galaxy Protein Skimmer is produced by our own factory located in Germany

This has been in operation for more than 20 years, it is made of non-corrosive plastic material and has a high removal rate of protein and particles below 30 microns.

You can use the same device for both saltwater and freshwater, simply change a setting on a valve.

Ratz MBP all plastic circulates the water in an internal loop forming smaller microbubbles than classic venturi. There is a greater foam volume due to its unique design. 

You can save up to 80 % energy using MBP vs. classic venturi

Skimmers can be used in various applications, aquariums, fish farms, and some industries, they are very versatile and easy to operate.

Water enters the skimmer and meets the airflow in a counter-current, microbubbles are produced by the unique Ratz venturi, which optimize the formation of small bubbles entrapping dissolved proteins and small particles.

The foam leaves the skimmer at the top and must be collected outside the skimmer. The automatic flushing system keeps the top clean, for a free flow of captured particles and entrapped proteins.


Ozone may be added to the water flow for disinfection and color removal.